The 2016 election will go down in American history as the greatest election upset and the start of America’s greatest setback in civil rights and political stability. Shocked and upset, people of all genders, ages, ethnic groups, and religions flooded the streets protesting the election results.  These protestors became “The Resistance.”

Each protest is an affirmation that the majority of Americans live by, respect, and promote the ideals of the Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

This page is a tribute to all the people that fight in solidarity to defend the American ideals without exclusions or limitations to gender, age, social status, ethnicity, or religion.   This blog is intended to be a hub of information to announce current issues, future protests, and to share and celebrate the activism throughout the country.

There have been many protests in the tumultuous three weeks since the inauguration and there are surely more to come.   Stay strong for you are the heroes that will keep America great.