Save ACA/Obama care Rally in Naples, Florida

Photos courtesy of Mouad El Jamil

A rally to save the Affordable Care Act/Obama care was held today at the Collier County Government Center Complex from 10 am until noon.  Cyndy Nayer, “one of the six top thought leaders in health care innovation” gave an informative speech on how people will be affected by the changes and possible repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

The rally was hosted by the SouthWest Florida Resistance Coalition (SWFL Resistance Coalition).  Please click the link below to connect to the SWFL event information.

Video of Cyndy Nayer’s speech at the rally today.

A few pictures from today’s event.


IMG_5514 2.jpg

Below: Protestors from left to right: Name unknown, Iris Belen, and Mary Erler.


Below:  Mary Erler and Mouad El Jamil defending affordable health care.

IMG_5498 2.jpg

Protestors stood on the four corners of the Airport-Pulling and Tamiami Trail intersection and received cheers from drivers passing by.


If you’d like to share your blog, FB page, or pictures, please email your links or photos to  We would also like to invite anyone who was in the pictures posted above to email your names so we can include them on the page.

In addition,  see tomorrow’s Naples Daily News for coverage of the rally.

Thank you to all the heroes who came out to defend affordable healthcare for all!


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  1. Sara McFadden says:

    Awesome pix, thanks Iris!


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