Anti-Trump Protests

Life of an El Paso Woman

wp-1478993134434.jpgPhoto by Cynthia A. Ronquillo

Hi everyone. The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election is still being discussed everywhere we turn here in the U.S. and in various other countries. I’m constantly seeing it on social media, TV and news websites. 

Several U.S. and European cities continue to protest and riot since Donald Trump became the president-elect this past Wednesday. A few University of Texas-El Paso (UTEP) students organized a peaceful protest throughout downtown El Paso on Friday night. Some of the protesters allowed me to share their photos here.

wp-1479093418579.jpgProtesters hold Mexico, U.S. Flags at  El Paso protest. Photo by José Montoya.

A peaceful non-political protest also took place Saturday morning at Lincoln Park in central El Paso. There’s supposed to be a peaceful anti-Trump protest in Las Cruces, New Mexico on Monday evening. Recently, there’s been talk of voters targeting the Electoral College. Voters want the Electoral College to change their votes in favor of  Hillary Clinton come Dec…

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