Resistance: Some do’s and don’ts for 2017 America

Excellent article!

Chartwell West

Alright folks. We’re on day four of the Trump administration. And it’s already been weirder than even I thought it would be. I’ve been pretty critical of the president over the last year or so. I’m not a huge fan. But to be fair, I am capable of feeling a lot better about him if he’d perform with the effective dignity that produces sound policy as our head of state. There’s an interesting word that’s been getting thrown around a lot right now though: Resistance. It’s a useful word. But there’s some things about it I don’t love, for lots of reasons. I’ve been around some real resistance movements. And they’re not pretty. Or fun. Or, frankly nearly appropriate for the problem we’re dealing with in America right now.

But that doesn’t mean that resistance is all together inappropriate. Or even not required. You just have to do it right…

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